Sensing and Measuring Instruments

Industrial Flow Meter

Turbine Flow Meter

Flow meters are used in a wide variety of applications like automotive and aerospace test stands; subsea control systems, feedback and control systems on aero derivative turbine generators, as well as general purpose industrial flow measurements.

Positive Displacement Meter

Positive displacement flow meters (PD Meter) are ideal for a wide variety of liquid flow applications. These flow meters are both highly accurate and easily adaptable to most industrial applications.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flow meters represent the accurate measurement in water cycle and process applications. This meter incorporates improvements to the magnetic distribution elements that allow accurate operation throughout all flow regimes, allowing up to a 1000:1 turn down.

Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

Humidity Transmitter

Humidity Transmitter uses a high accuracy capacitive sensor integrated in a silicon microchip. The sensor is very durable and moisture resistant. The sensor can be easily replaced without the need for re-calibration.

Head Mount Temp. Transmitter

The Transmitter is commonly used temperature sensor, slide wire transducer or millivolt signal and coverts the output to the industry standard 4 to 20 mA transmission signal.

DIN Rail Mount Temp. Transmitter

SMART, programmable, programmable with software and USB interface, interface and instrument supplied by USB port, input and output isolated from each other.