Data Acquisition & Control System

Data Acquisition System

Rugged Data Acquisition with I/O

Rugged DAS including ethernet, USB, serial ports and optional Wi-Fi make communication simple Built-in data, event, and security, Point and click cloud connectivity. Advanced web server provides remote visualization and control, reducing costly site visits.

Data Acquisition with Multi Protocol

Data station system including SD card slot for data logging and database upload / download. Communicate with over 300 protocols easily convert between serial, and Ethernet devices manage multi-vendor environments.

Multi-zone PID Control with Web Server

Multi-zone PID Control with Web Server

Data acquisition, single-node system, hot-swap design, DIN-rail mounted, data logging, faster data transfer and downloading with an integral USB port. Dedicated PID modules, analog and digital I/O module.

PLC & IO System

Distributed PAC Systems

Super compact multi function programmable controller, on board I/O, expansion ca0.3+
pabilities. Programmable according to IEC61131-3 standard, ARM Cortex M7 32 bit, 216 MHz processor. Removable spring clamps.

Expansion I/O Module

Stand alone modules for effective distributed automation. Ethernet port and USB port available. RS485 communication port with modbus RTU protocol. Easy wiring with built-in terminal blocks, DIN rail mounting models.

HMI Display

Rugged HMI with IO

HMI touchscreens to combine all-aluminum construction with an I/O Module architecture. HMI with drag-and-drop protocol conversion, data logging and web-based monitoring and control. Built in web server and real time data logging.

Industrial HMI

Full-color HMI touchscreen, Industry-leading protocol conversion, Suitable to industrial environment. Ethernet, USB and serial ports make communication simple, Built in data logging enhances troubleshooting system

RTU & Signal Conditioner

RTU with on Board Input Output

Industrial PowerPC, Operating system embedded open-source Linux, Dynamic memory 32 Mb for program execution, dynamic variables, dynamic file system, etc. IEC 61131 programming, ISaGRAF for ladder logic, SFC, flow charting and more.

Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioning products for frequency, temperature and process applications. Our signal conditioning solutions range from dedicated to universal models capable of accepting over 100 inputs