Steam & Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Wind LAB

WindLab™ is a classroom-sized energy power plant built to last with aerospace grade components including an all alloy planetary gear box, 3-phase power generator, cut-away gondola cover, a stainless steel tower, and rapid prototyped blades.

Educational PEM Fuel Cell

Demonstrates a High Watt Density PEM Fuel Cell, generating electrical power directly from hydrogen. Able to be electrically loaded both internally and externally by the operator.

Photovoltaic Trainer

A practical sized solar panel with nominal 80W output is connected to a control panel containing relevant instrumentation and a battery charge control system. This in turn connects to a substantial deep cycle sealed lead acid battery. This allows the application of locally sourced loads, or, loads available as optional extras.

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

The Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine allows students to investigate the performance of a typical small scale 3 phase to DC wind generator. The unit will provide interesting and instructive experimental work for all students.

Combined Wind and Solar Generator Demostration

To investigate the detailed performance of both wind and solar components and to investigate the use of DC power for practical applications. Both the solar panel and wind generator connect to a digital combined charge controller that allows the output power from both the solar panel and the wind generator to be investigated.


Steam Generator And Service Module

A bench top unit which provides a gas fired steam generator for wet or superheated steam. A condensing unit with air ejector and a closed feed water system allow the Rankine cycle to be investigated.

Steam Turbine Module

Bench top steam turbine module incorporating a single stage impulse steam turbine with water cooled friction brake, condenser, condensate measurement and all instruments and safety devices.

Rankine Cycle Steam Turbine

To Study of True Rankine Cycle Steam plant. Determine of cycle thermal efficiency based on shaft power,friction losses at various exhaust pressures , turbine torque/speed and power/speed characteristics.


RankineCycler™ allows participants to complete many energy/efficiency related experiments. Front and rear boiler doors open with push button ease, providing a clear view of flame tubes, the fuel nozzle, vortex generator and ignite.Sensors are installed and measure temperatures, pressures, fuel-flow rate.