Mechanical Engineering

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning laboratory Unit

A complete, upgradeable, instrumented air conditioning laboratory unit mounted on a steel frame and castor wheels. upgrades may be added at any stage in the unit’s long life to spread the investment costs. available upgrades options: 1. re-circulation, 2. computer linking (with software), 3. pid control and environmental chamber.

Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Unit

A bench mounted vapour compression refrigeration cycle demonstration unit using a hermetic compressor. the water cooled flooded glass condenser and evaporator allows both evaporation and condensation to be observed and understood. the unit operates on low-pressure non-toxic ozone friendly refrigerant. internal electrical and mechanical safety devices allow for unsupervised operation by students.

Vortex Tube Refrigerator

The vortex tube refrigeration unit uses a compressed gas (usually air) divided into two streams at a lower pressure. one of these streams is about 50k colder, and the other is about 50k hotter than the compressed gas supplied. it is an unusual method for producing cooling air.

Mechanical Heat Pump

The mechanical heat pump has been designed to allow students to obtain an overall understanding and appreciation of the performance and characteristics of a heat pump working on the vapour compression cycle and having an electrically driven compressor, and is suitable for all course levels, from vocational to undergraduate.

Air and Water Heat Pump

The vapour compression cycle is the most common form of refrigeration, transferring heat from the area being cooled to a higher temperature region. heat pumps use this effect to recover heat at a useful temperature for heating or some other process by upgrading low grade ‘free’ heat e.g. from ambient air or water.

Vapour Jet Refrigerator/ Heat Pump

The unit may be regarded as a combined heat engine and a refrigerator/heat pump. the system powering the refrigerator/heat pump works on the well-known rankine cycle.

Visual Refrigeration Training Unit

This unit is designed to demonstrate the basic principles of heat transfer, the vapour compression refrigeration cycle and the function and application of different flow controls.

Reverse Cycle Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Unit

This unit allows students to explore a more sophisticated refrigeration system incorporating reverse cycle operation, air cooled and water cooled condensers, forced air and static evaporators and dual temperature operation.

Water Chiller Trainer

This unit allows students to safely explore the parameters affecting evaporating pressure without danger to the operator or equipment.

Internal Combustion Engines

Combusion Laboratory Unit – Gas and Oil Burner

Enables students to study many aspects of combustion theory and burner operation using the optional gas and oil burners. Domestic heating simulation can also be demonstrated via the in-built water temperature control.

Flame Propagation and Stability Unit

Allows investigation of the relationship between flame speed and air – fuel ratio for a variety of slow burning gaseous fuels. gaseous fuels (e.g. Propane, Butane, Methane LPG)

Bomb Calorimeter

Allows measurement of the calorific value of liquid and solid fuels by a fundamental rate of rise method.

Internal Combustion Engine Test Stand- GASOLINE and DIESEL

The investigation of torque-speed, power-speed, specific fuel consumption, thermal and mechanical efficiency over a wide range of conditions on both petrol and diesel* engines

Diesel Engine Lab

Diesel Dynatronix™ is a portable diesel engine performance analysis system comprised of a two-cylinder industrial diesel engine driving an air-cooled dynamometer. It enables the control and performance testing of a modern industrial diesel power plant.

Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer

is designed to understand the operation, fault finding, maintenance and repair of automotive air conditioning systems.

Heat and Mass Transfer

Heat Exchanger Service Unit

A bench mounted ,Optional heat exchangers: Concentric Tube ,Plate ,Shell & Tube,Jacketed Vessel with Coil and Stirrer, Extended Concentric Tube ,Extended Plate ,Water/Water Turbulent Flow ,Coiled Concentric Tube ,Recycle Loops Film and Dropwise Condensation Water to Air.

Heat Transfer Service Unit

Bench Top 15 Fundamental Heat Transfer Experiments may be used on the Heat Transfer Service Unit Convection, Conduction, Radiation, Gas Laws ,Steady State and Transient Heat Transfer .For detailed descriptions and experimental capabilities refer to data sheets for each optional unit.

Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

Allows Investigation Of Plain And Finned Cross Flow Heat Exchangers. Heat Pipe , Expandable Free & Forced Convection Heat Transfer Investigation, Local Heat Transfer Coefficient around a cylinder. More Experimental capabilities 8 Optional available refer to data sheets.

Boyle’s Law Demonstrator

Study of Boyle’s Law pv = Constant for air and other safe gases. Investigation of the characteristic equation of a gas pV = mRT at ambient temperature.

Flow Boiling Demonstration Unit

Demonstration of a heating process accompanied by vapour formation within a tube, two phase flow with increasing vapour content, effect of air in condensers. Slugging ,Annular flow , Droplet

Boiling Heat Transfer Unit

Allows safe investigation into the normally dangerous condition of film boiling heat flux and surface heat transfer coefficient at constant temperature Ozone-friendly, low pressure, non-toxic working fluid

Bench Top Cooling Tower

Demonstrates all processes found in a full scale forced draught cooling tower Rapid stabilisation allows experimental work to commence immediately upon switching on.

Humidity Measurement Bench

Allows students to investigate most of the wide variety of methods to measure the humidity of air.fundamental for the study of air conditioning and evaporative cooling methods.

Dew Point Hygrometer

Measurement of ambient dew point using the chilled mirror method Measurement of dew point of air sampled from an air duct or other source.

Film and Dropwide Condensation Unit

Measurement of heat flux and surface heat transfer coefficient in both filmwise and dropwise condensation at pressures up to atmospheric. filmwise and dropwise condensation, and of nucleate boiling.

Fluidisation and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer

Observation of the behaviour in fluidised bed of a wide range of granular materials, from onset of fluidization, air flow and pressure drop through avariety of granular materials.

Steam of Water Heat Exchanger

Visual demonstration of filmwise condensation nucleate boiling. effect of coolant flow velocity and the number of tube passes on pressure drop.

Temperature Measurement Methods and Calibration Unit

Allows students to thoroughly examine a large variety of temperature measurement devices, how errors can be introduced and avoided, methods of calibration and the structure of the International Temperature Scale (ITS-90).

Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

Investigate Logarithmic Mean Temperature difference, Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient and the Nusselt, Reynolds, Prandtl Relationship.Stabilises in minutes and allows rapid data collection.

Theory of Machines

Wheel and Differential Axle Apparatus

Investigation of the mechanics of simple wheel and differential axle. variation with load of effort, efficiency, Limiting efficiency of the machine.

Gear Tooth Form Apparatus

Experimental determination of shape and construction of an involutes curve, Gear Form, Ratios, Modules ,Trains and Rotational Direction.

Cam and Follower Apparatus

To derive the velocity and acceleration diagrams, and determine the maximum acceleration of the follower and effect of different cams.

Crank and Connecting Rod Apparatus

To determine the relationship between crank angle and stroke,effect of changing the crank radius and connecting rod length.

Castor, Camber and King Pin Inclination

Bench mounted apparatus designed around the front steering arrangement of a vehicle. Shows precisely the set up of castor, camber and king pin inclination.

Gear Train Apparatus

Compact apparatus for investigating transmission ratios on single stage, two stage and planetary spur gear drives.

Disc Brake Apparatus

Frame or wall mounted apparatus to investigate the relationship between the normal force acting on the brake pads, the effective radius of the brake pads and the braking torque.

Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus

A bench top unit to demonstrate the fundamentals of static and dynamic balancing. Allows independent analysis of static and dynamic balancing.

Governor Apparatus

Bench top unit to demonstrate the principle of operation of Porter, Propel and Hartwell centrifugal force governors.To observe the lift off speed and affect of varying sleeve weight.

Gear Assembly Unit Combined Drives

Introduction to gear trains, transmissions, ratios, velocities, spur gears, drive belts, pulleys, chains, tensioners, worm and wheel, bevel gears, rack and pinions, compound drives

Single Epicyclical Gear Train

Experimentally obtain the torque ratios of gear trains, observe the angular velocity ratios of gear trains, efficiencies of gear trains.

Fluid Mechanics

Base Unit

The HB100 Hydraulics Bench is the main source of water supply/ flow for all the additional modules within the HB series including water storage tank.

Free and Forced Vortices

Determination of the surface profile and radii of various size free and forced vortices. Determination of total head variation of a free and forced vortex.

Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstrator

Bernoulli’s theorem concerns the conservation of mass and energy through a flowing system and the relationship between the flow velocity and pressure , Direct measurement of the static head distribution along a Venturi tube.

Pressure Losses in Bends and Fittings

Comprises different diameter, roughness and material pipes, along with long and short radius bends, parallel sections and constrictions. Reynolds number in a variety of pipe sizes pressure loss in a pipe using Bernoulli’s equation.

Osborne Reynolds Apparatus

The Apparatus is used for the illustration and investigation of Laminar and Turbulent flow with the active flow visible to adye injection system.

Pressure Measurement Bench

Allows Investigation of Different Methods of Pressure Measurement FIVE pressure methods Investigation of Pressures Above and Below Atmospheric Pressure. Fluid Density Effect.


The main unit consists of an instrumentation and control console that supplies a variable flow of compressed air to the range of optional modules.

Nozzle Performance Test Module:

Visual demonstration of nozzle choking and effect of inlet and back pressure on mass flow rate through nozzles.

Nozzle Pressure Distribution Module

Visual demonstration of the phenomenon of choking ,pressure distribution in nozzles which are over and under expanding, effect of inlet pressure on mass flow rate.

Vortex Tube Refrigerator Module

Investigation of torque/speed and power/speed characteristics of a single stage reaction turbine. Application of the First Law of Thermodynamics.

Pipe Friction Module

Investigation of the pressure distribution and pipe friction along a pipe of varying cross section and bends, while passing a compressible flow of varying volume.

Process Automation Lab

FLUIDMechatronix™ allows students to study centrifugal pump performance curves, head/discharge curves, flow rate/torque correlations, witness impeller boundary layer conditions, and view cavitation.