Material Testing & Research

SSRT Autoclaves & Tools

Loading devices

PC-controlled electromechanical loading device can perform slow strain rate tests (SSRT, CERT), constant-load and cyclic-fatigue tests. The loading device can be equipped with various kinds of specimen holders.

SSRT Autoclaves

Autoclaves for corrosion-testing purposes. The autoclaves can be adapted for various kinds of corrosion-testing applications. These Autoclaves equipped with recirculation loops, DC PD, LVDT, electrochemical tools, Loading devises and scratching devices.

Electrochemical Tools

Cormet manufactures various kinds of tools for high-pressure high-temperature water-chemistry monitoring and electrochemical testing.These sensors operating in high-temperature high-pressure environments.

Controlled-flow instruments

Controlled-flow instruments are used for flow-accelerated corrosion and inhibitor studies. Rotating electrodes(RDE.RRDE,RCE &RC)are used to study corrosion inhibitors in oil and gas industry environments.

Test loops

Recirculation loops are used in laboratories to provide an environment that is similar to a plant environment (water, steam, supercritical fluid). Temperature, Pressure, Water chemistry, Dissolved gases and Flow rate parameters can be simulated.


Cormet has built laboratories for corrosion-testing purposes in H2S-environment and instrumented corrosiontesting devices in hot-cell environments. Laboratory projects are always customised turn-key deliveries, including instruments, installation&Training.

Universal Testing Systems

Magnus 300KN Test Frame

A large scale, sturdy steel channel section frame, which enables students to conduct a wide variety of materials testing experiments on full size samples such as concrete and timber beams.

Twin Hydraulic Ram System

Optional experimental accessory to enhance the learning experience in conjunction with the Magnus 300kN Test Frame. Manually operated, double acting 700bar hydraulic rams mounted on travelling carriages, enable the loading span to be varied as required. Also available as single ram system. Essential Extras. Single Hydraulic Ram System, Protective Guard, Data Acquisition System, Dial Gauges and Holders, Strain Gauge Kit.

Universal Testing Machine

This is a modular, flexible, compact, safe, materials tester allowing students to conduct up to six (6) experiments on seven (7) different material types. Brinell Hardness Test Set, comprising Indentor and 16 specimens (4 Steel, 4 Aluminium, 4 Brass, 4 Copper), Bending Device Test Set including 5 specimens (2 Steel, 2 Aluminium, 1 Brass), Symmetrical Shearing Test Set including 5 Copper Shear Specimens, Measuring Magnifier for Brinell, Asymmetrical Shear Test Set (Inc. 5 x Copper Shear specimens), Spring Testing Set, Device for Deep Drawing.